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I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I feel very good about my role as the President of this organization.  We receive calls during the year not only from our members but also from retired NYPD non-member, family of NYPD, and widows of NYPD retirees.   Regardless of whether they are dues paying members or not, we answer their questions, do everything we can to solve their problems and steer them in the right direction.  When we finish helping non-members NYPD retirees we try to encourage them to become members which provides them with our very informative quarterly newsletters.

In most cases they usually join us even if they re members of another retiree organization.  It is not a question of competition but a way for them to stay informed and say thank you.  We find many of our quarterly articles reprinted in other publications and are proud of the fact that our information merits duplication.  I and our office volunteers do this all to fulfill the true meaning of "10-13  Officer in dire need of assistance. "


Eugene Loewy